A list of virtual tours to visit Belgium from the comfort of your couch

15 Apr 2020

You can’t come to Belgium right now, but there are ways to bring Belgium to you instead! Just because you can’t discover new cities on foot, doesn’t mean you can’t explore them via your screen.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of virtual tours in different Belgian cities. This way, you can soak up some culture without even getting up off your couch.

When all this is over, we’ll be expecting you at our Flandria Hotel in Ghent, but for now...get comfy and dive in!


Flemish Masters 2018-2020: At Home Museum Tours

Since we can’t visit any museums, Flanders is bringing the art into our homes. Every Wednesday at 19:00 (7 PM), settle in and enjoy a private guided tour, exploring the works of a Flemish master.

Closer to Van Eyck

For those who had planned to visit the majestic Van Eyck exhibition, all hope is not lost. Via this link you can explore the Ghent Altarpiece and other works by Van Eyck in great detail and for as long as you like.


Stadhuis "Town Hall"

This beautiful building is always worth a visit, and this way none other than Daniel Termont, one of Ghent’s most iconic and beloved mayors, will be there to welcome you!

Dr. Guislain Museum

This museum on the history of psychiatry was created in 1986 as a response to the lack of access to information on mental health care. Check out their virtual tour to enrich your knowledge and broaden your views.

STAM Museum

To quote STAM, Ghent’s City Museum, itself: “STAM is an instrument for deciphering the city layer by layer and making it legible.” These digital exhibitions will help you unravel the history of this beautiful city.


Brussel From Above

The title says it all: get a unique view of Brussels and explore the city from above. Beats looking at it from the ground up, we think!

Royal Museums of Fine Arts

The Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium conserve the country’s most important visual arts collection. Discover some of Belgium’s unique cultural heritage from the comfort of your home!

Natural History Museum

Via the Museum of Natural Sciences you can explore five online exhibitions, including a short 360° guided tour. It’s the perfect opportunity to brush up on your natural history knowledge.

Horta Museum

Architect Victor Horta was born in Ghent in 1861, and grew up to be one of the most well known representatives of the Art Nouveau style. The museum is located in his private house and studio!

Sewer Museum

And now for something completely different: go on a virtual tour through the sewer museum to find out more about how, why and when this crucial network was built.


Rubens Huis

Take a look inside the house where the brilliant artist Rubens lived with his family, and painted with colleagues and assistants. Many of his paintings were created in this house!

Vleeshuis Museum

Explore 800 years of music and dance in Antwerp in this museum, housed in the oldest intact bourgeois building in the city.

Photo Credits: Stad Gent, Visit Brussel, Visit Antwerp.

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