The outbreak of the corona virus has turned our daily lives completely upside down. In these uncertain times, we can imagine that you are hesitant to book a stay.That is why we decided to reach out to you by making our cancellation policies more flexible.

All the reservations made after the corona outbreak 2020 via our own website, by e-mail or by telephone can be canceled free of charge until 24H prior to your arrival. 

If you book a stay in our hotel, you can count on a safe environment, as we are taking the following precautions:

Social Distancing

  • The hotel staff is committed to the 1,5 meter social distancing standard and wears a mask, we ask you to wear a mask too in the common areas;
  • During your stay we won’t enter your room for the daily tidying up, unless you specifically request this service.


  • Disinfectant hand gel is available at the reception and at the bar;
  • All contact points in the rooms, reception and bar are disinfected during every cleaning;
  • All the extra items (bed runners, pillows etc.) have been removed from the rooms;
  • The laundry is washed at a minimum temperature of 60°C.


  • All the windows in the reception, bar and rooms will be opened before your arrival;
  • When you leave the room, please always open your window.

Together we are strong, and by keeping to government guidelines we can all contribute to a pleasant and hygienic environment.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in our hotel soon!

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