Covid-proof activities in Ghent part 2: time to enjoy nature!

07 Jun 2021

Last month, we told you all about our favorite covid-proof museums. Now the weather is heating up, so it’s time for some outdoor activities in our beautiful city!

Covid-proof parks and green spots in Ghent

Looking for a picnic spot or a place to have a refreshing drink in the grass? The city is full of parks to discover.ù

  • Citadelpark: this city park was created in 1875, and is a lovely place to enjoy nature. You can find it all here: a playground for the children, a pretty waterfall and pond, green lush grass to relax upon, and some of Ghent’s most important museums: MSK and SMAK. On the edge of this park, you can also find the botanical garden, where you can discover some extraordinary plants and enjoy a beautiful stroll.

  • Sint-Pietersabdij: adjacent to this Benedictine abbey founded in the 7th century, there is a wonderful garden and vineyard, perfect for a sunny picnic.

  • Bijlokesite: next to STAM, the city museum, you can find a collection of cosy outdoor spaces: a lawn with a nice view of STAM, a museum garden, an orchard, an open field with fruit trees and limes, and some smaller gardens within the STAM and next to the music center De Bijloke. A myriad of choices for nature lovers – and again, right next to a fascinating museum, with a cosy bar for those in need of a drink.

  • Koning Albertpark: Also known as Zuidpark, this is the biggest park in Ghent. It boasts some beautiful ancient plane trees, as well as a play area for kids up to age 12, and a skating zone.

  • Muinkpark: a small, tranquil park in the English landscape style, and the last remnant of the 19th-century Ghent zoo. Right around the corner from Kinepolis, Ghent’s biggest cinema.

Covid-proof places in Ghent that combine nature and culture

  • Westerbegraafplaats:  the largest cemetery of Ghent takes up 23 hectares, making it a peaceful and quiet place for a meditative walk. This cemetery also contains a military resting place for victims of the First World War, where you can pay honour to some brave souls of our past.

  • Begijnhoven: Ghent has three beguinages that have been preserved and are open for you to visit: the Oud Begijnhof Sint-Elisabeth, known as holy corner; the Klein Begijnhof, dating back to 1235; and the Groot Begijnhof Sint-Elisabeth, built in the 19th century. These are the perfect choice if you want to visit a place where time seems to stand still.

  • Oude Dokken: the north of Ghent has gone through a proper metamorphosis lately, making the old port industry area worth a visit. You can download a lovely route for cycling and walking here.

Covid-proof natural reserves in Ghent

If you want to see even more natural beauty, no worries, we have plenty! Go catch your breath in our beautiful nature reserves and other outside delights.

  • Bourgoyen-Ossemeersen: with over 220 hectares of beauty to discover, this is a unique reserve, boasting some beautiful views of untouched nature. There are several walking routes for you to explore, or you can improvise when you get there – but don’t get lost!

  • Blaarmeersen: A sports and recreation park beside the Watersportbaan, where residents go for a jog, and rowing clubs battle each other on the water. Blaarmeersen is a lovely area for walks, but also has a lake for swimming, hiring a pedalo, kayaking, surfing, fishing or diving. If you’re looking to relax, get some action, or both, this is the place to be.

  • Gentbrugse Meersen: a park and nature reserve that is in full development. Visit the Gentbrugse Meersen for sports, play, gardening and picnics. You can go for a walk in the woods, explore stretches of open water populated by birds, or discover the barefoot-path.

  • Leiestreekroute: for the bravest of souls who love to cycle longer distances, you can follow this cycling route of 55 km all the way to Deinze and back to Ghent again!

As you can tell, Ghent has lots to offer for lovers of nature and outdoors. After being stuck inside for a lot of last year, we can all use some fresh air – and Ghent is the perfect place to mix pleasure with culture and nature.

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Photo credits: Patrick Delabarre, René Vermeir, Stad Gent, Visit Gent.

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